Every experienced web studio faced clients’ bewilderment about promotion at least once. Customers can’t fathom a necessity of such expensive, obscure and extended in time procedure when the site is ready and remarkably functioning.  Alas reasonable answer for this issue needs an attentive consideration from various sides and can’t be placed in one sentence. Krasnodar web studio Kub@noiT is ready to explain a gist of this service and persuade you in its importance.

So what is site promotion needed for? What does prevent newly website from getting income from the first day online?

- The promotion from the point of view of the competition.

The statistics stat.nic.ru prompts that every day (!) on the Runet appears more than 1000 of new sites. Their owners are turned straight-out to assault the first position in the searching top. Only imagine an amount of web resources that had been made and imposed on the Internet during 10 year activity of its Russian part. So just to introduce throughout thousands one particular company to a potential client (or what’s better a customer) you should invent various methods to push your site towards the first page of search results. And that will be the site promotion.

- The promotion from the point of view of the sales ratio growth

There are two basic conditions in order to sell something permanently through the internet:

  • making the site interesting for customers;
  • achieving growth of attendance via targeted traffic (that means predominantly potential customers visit the site).

Everyone who wishes to buy goods or services online first of all go to Yandex or Google to make a request and get the list of the most suitable sites. The promotion via various popular requests solves the issue of lifting each particular resource to the user’ eye level or top search page.

- The promotion from the point of view of the recognition.

A single magazine article brings a little benefit. Quite another thing is a regular publication advertising articles about your company. It exposes your business to really great number of target audience members.  If potential clients see such article more than once they’ll begin recognizing this particular advertisement. So when it comes to buying they’ll surely recall the one they have seen more frequently. 

On the internet is the same situation. The maximum chances to attract potential customer have those sites which are always in sight (on the top of searching results).  

So as a conclusion the site promotion is vital service if you need to:

  • be the first and most noticeable among competitors and bear low costs on it;
  • increase sales ratio;
  • have a possibility to reduce investments in advertising;
  • become a recognizable brand which easily comes to minds of target audience when they want to buy any product of the kind.  

Most of the web resource owners are asking: why website promotion does cost a lot? The reason is in exceptional scrutiny and accuracy of this work and in a great meaning, that a practical experience of an expert has for further website promotion. In Kub@noiT web studio you will find only professionals who “know the ropes” of promoting websites of various subject matters!

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."