Even now a few can answer this question and justify the reason why they need it. The main options are:

  1. Just let it be. Everyone has it, so why not?   And it doesn’t matter how efficient it can be. The main point is that it’s prestigious and important;
  2. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate company’s potential, detail information about rendered services and prices, portfolio, contact information and directions.
  3. It helps to attract target audience and new clients, to expand sales market, to increase sales ratio via feedbacks.
  4. It’s needed to organize online sales and reduce rent and staff costs.

If only one of these reasons seems urgent to you, but you still have doubts about feasibility of establishing and usage of your own site, this article is for you.

Let’s begin with urge to fathom that site is business card of almost each deal in the internet. It helps billions of potential consumers to get know about you and company you represent. What is more and it’s important to admit that own internet portal will work for the prosperity of your business round the clock without sick days or days off. Just remember how much time you spend on phone talks with potential clients. Each one carries the same information: an address, the driving directions, an operation time, a detail information about goods (services) and pricing policy, contact info of the accounting department (managers), e–mail address and ect.

Not to mention about the suppliers and nonresident customers. What if you work with tens and hundreds of them? It causes a stuff expansion and extra costs. So what if your employee is tired or hasn’t got enough sleep or maybe he has a bad mood and personal issues? As a result client isn’t satisfied with unfriendly conversation or the lack of extra services, refuses to buy and never comes back.   

So the question is if you can avoid such situations. Surely you can. If you had your own site you would organize workflow more efficiently by shifting part of job on it.  At least there will be no need in the meaningless phone talks because the site will contain all information you’d like to share with the clients such as company’s portfolio, goods (services), prices and ect. And web site can be mentioned in phone talk or might be specified on business cards and promotional materials.

And besides in such way you will take care of your customers. They can learn about your price list, product’s samples and make an order. Remember, if client doesn’t get required information in time, you’ll lose him and you’re the one who is interested in opposite result.

The attraction of customers is another not less important task of corporative site. What do you need to do to turn any visitor into potential client? Your resource should be quick, easy to understand and with the good usability.

So the advantages of corporative site on hand are:

-  It’s an impeccable virtual manager:

- You create it just as you want to;

-  It can’t get sick;

 -  It never has a bad mood;

It always treats with care all of your clients;

It will tell everyone in the internet about your business wellbeing.

Just think about it as an advertisement. Advertisement that is more effective in terms of quality-price ratio than other methods of promotion.

The obvious benefits of internet are:

- a tremendous audience;

- customer’s direct access to you:

- full information about a deal and provided services (goods);

- minimum costs;

- and of cause the image.

The main purposes of your internet portal which are your business expansion, increase of sales markets, an attraction of new customers and income growth will be easily fulfilled.

Eventually, it will provide you with

- order reception round the clock;

- elimination of the human factor;

- minimization of human factor;

- automatic order reception;

- ultimate convenience for the clients;

- increase of sales market;

- success against competitors;

- an income growth.

If you postpone creation of site today, you will suffer cash loss tomorrow. Is this the way to do your business? 

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."