Your site contains an interesting, useful and without any doubt attractive for customers information, it functions and looks perfect, BUT… by some reason users do not rush to snap up all available products or to enter into more supply agreements with you. What to do?

You need to contact a web-studio that will create a smart website adverticement on the Internet, or, in other words, will perform a search optimization.

Search engine optimization is everything that makes a website not only visiable for search systems, but also puts it in TOP positions of search results. The evident advantage from such service is an increase of a number of website visitors. Optimization gives the most noticeable results when applied to majority of corporate websites, since they are suffering from the low popularity, in the first place, if compared to recognizable and famous internet shops.

- "What does the search optimization aim at? "

The Kub@noiT web studio SEO specialists will tie every page of your website to a particular search request so that upon its entering in the search system the page will appear closer to the top of search results list.

Search systems apply different requirements to the website content and differently assess search request, sorting it in particular sequence. That is why in order to “please” every such system, specialist has to know all applicable rules and algorithms, that tend to change.

- "What complex of measures does the SEO meaning include? "

We start search engine optimization with creation of the website semantic core and comparative analysis of SEO methods used by the websites-competitors. In other words, using special methods we collect on the pages of particular website words and phrases, based on which the user will follow your link in a searching system.

After that we work out the navigation through the web resource to minimize the time spent by any potential customer on finding the necessary information instead of leaving him to wonder around the pages with evident annoyance. To put it straight, we create a site map and elaborate the levels of web page nesting so that pages do not go deeper then the third level.

After that SEO specialists continue with content correction – modify website texts in such a way, so they contain requests from the semantic core.

Next step – the work with citation index and PR of a web resource – parameters that show the number of links leading from other checked websites of similar subject matter to your website. This helps to increase the weight of pages and thus to reach higher positions in the search results.

Simple form the first sight SEO works consist of hundreds of little elements, which only a qualified SEO expert can estimate and take into account.

-" How long does the SEO process take? "

You will need to have some patience. High-quality and conscientious search engine optimization almost never gives immediate results.  At the same time suspeciosly cheap and “prompt effect” offers from questionable web studios simply mean that their stuff uses “black” methods. Application of “black” SEO methods not only will result in expelling the resource out of the TOP search results once you decide to temporarily stop optimization works, but even can lead to a full ban of website in a search systems which is really hard to cope with.

The main principle of fair website optimization -  hasten but slowly. The work of our web studio is fully based on this principle.

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."