To pay for several months for the SEO services without knowing about any progress in the optimizer’s work – website promotion in search systems. There are few who will agree to buy a pig in a poke and…. they are totally right!

The nice thing about skillful and experienced SEO specialist work is that the results of his diligent work can be checked in a real-time mode: nearly every his action echoes with visible improvement of the positions of a considered website.

In the Kub@noiT web studio your project will be handled by such people and there are many ways how to periodically check effectiveness of their performance.

Simpliest method.

When contacting us to order the services from the “Website promotion” group, you can inform us about your desire to receive monthly reports on provided services. Our reports contain the following information:

  • list of works performed;
  • semantic core and its analysis;
  • analysis of website traffic ( based on its rate SEO specialist plans further steps to achieve the necessary results).
  • website rating “before the beginning of service provision” and “on the date of report preparation”.

Upon your request statistical data can be visually presented in a form of tables, diagrams or charts.  The most important that a mystery of site promotion process and payment procedures will vanish, leaving only the confidence in gradual progress towards the TOP lists and high competence of our personal.

  • Also simple method that however requires from you learning of professional SEO terminology.

If to put in a search system: “how to check website position through Google or Yandex”, among the first in the search resulrts there will be links on the free or paid applications that fulfill such functions.

To define the position you will need to enter parameters, based on which the program will assess the activity of a SEO specialist: the depth of search; site address; key phrases; target region; search services and other.

In commercial applications or applications that require registration you will have the possibility to save previous verification results in the database in XML-format, in order to be able to compare the dynamics and make conclusions about actual website position.

On free resources you will need to save and analyze seen results manualy. Moreover such programs usually have limits on the maximum number of verifications and it is practically impossible to compare position of your website with positions of your competitors from the TOP list.

The advantages of regular reports created by the SEO specialist are evident:

  1. You do not need to become an expert in the area of website promotion (the progress of site position in search result sometimes can only be established based on indirect factors, especially during the first few weeks after the start of the project);
  2. Information is provided in the convenient format (if you need to prove the benefits of working with a website to your business partners, your boss or you simply do not have time and desire to examine numerous tables and ambiguous phrases, prepared report will solve all these issues at once);
  3. You will save your time without digressing from important activities and at the same time will receive all the necessary information at a time (surely you have really little time that you can spent on individual examination of technical parameters, if you already actively working on development of business and its promotion through various advertising channels).

In other words, it is better to entrust regular monitoring of your website positions in the search system to our web studio and let yourself  to simply enjoy the work of SEO specialists and noticeable results. 

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."