Most of the entrepreneurs in Krasnodar city are interested in website design. The price of this service however causes numerous questions and puzzlement: it is almost imposible for a non-specialist to understand why so nice and cozy vCard website costs only RUB 5-7 thousands whereas similarly humble corporate website – already RUB 15 thousands and higher.

The Kub@noiT web studio guarantees: if you base the choice of a website type exclusively on the consideration of works’ costs, in the nearest future you can face with additional expenses that were not evident in the beginning.

So what does the price of the website design comprise of?


The quality of future project design directly depends on its price. Fixed price can include only basic design or none. The more animation, nice-looking graphics and other adjustments you would like to see on web pages (and these particular elements make a website recognizable and unforgettable) the higher will be the cost of a project.

Logo design deserves special attention as it is the face of a company that meats each and every user of your web resource. High-quality logo cannot be made at a low price, but if your company already has one, the design price will not increase.


It is evident that respected web studios will not offer you the concept of clearly inconvenient project and in any case will try to find a seutable solution. The price depends on a precise solution you will choose – typical, alternative or exclusive.

Typical websites contain catalogues of rather simple structure that are not tuned to the specific needs of your product group. Such solutions are budget, since they do not require scrutiny, but the level of information presentation cannot be considered as high.

Alternative sites received such name due to their alternative functionality. For instance, project developer substitutes the real catalogue by a quasi catalogue - collection of articles with product characteristics - that will result in further complexity of administrator’s work, but will perform a number of special functions.

Exclusive website is the best solution thanks to the full adjustment of functional to the needs of your company. Such website usually has additional modules that simplify and galvanize its work.

Of course the first two variants are more financially attractive, but in the end the efficiency of a unique product is always much more higher.

The scope of analytical research

Depending on your project budget our developers will have different amount of analytical work: ascertain the presentation specifics of your product group, develop  unique design solutions, compare future project with competitors’ websites and elaborate individual methods of their evasion.

Vcard website and other simple solutions do not presuppose provision of such services. We perform analysis only in connection with internet shops and corporate websites.

In sum, the cost of website design is a relative amount that requires detail analysis of future project by our stecialists.

Instead of conclusion we can say only one thing: saving on the website often becomes evident. Very simple (and thus the cheapest) web structure does not allow effective and comprehensive website promotion, from  the quality of which does the profit of your company depend. 

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."