“The competitors already have sites, so I need also to get one” says an aspiring entrepreneur and starts looking for web studio which will help him for a reasonable price. However there is the difference between having a site and gaining benefits of it. It’s important to know what kind of web resource will fulfill goals range.

Web studio Kub@noiT is ready to show you what kind site will be better in each specific situation.

- The business card website

This is the most miniature kind of site, which contains 5 pages top. It will be the most profitable one if you’re planning to place only part of the information about your company (for example, a list of provided services and contact information), aren’t expecting great income from web resource and aren’t going to pay close attention for image part.

If you have a medium-size company or a large one which is obviously requires an increase of customers’ number, a compliance of corporative identity in every detail and organization of efficient advertisement platform, we’ll strongly recommend to you to take a closer look at other kinds of sites

- The corporate website

Correctly implemented such project will become the right hand of your business very quickly. Besides basic divisions of corporative site we obligatorily include in it a news block, a feedback form, a map, a comfortable for viewing and leaving catalog of goods and services and a lot of other useful functions. The individual and convenient design is the characteristic feature of each site we are working on. If you bet on usability, take care about company’s image and aren’t going to stop business development, it makes sense to get this kind of site

- The Online store

The structure of such site looks like a large catalog of goods or store’s showcase with skillfully organized products. The difference between online store and corporative site is exactly in the way of catalog implementation. The first one is more dynamical, contains a search form, a shopping cart mechanism (adding interesting goods to cart for further purchase) and other blocks. If you want to sell your products and don’t plan to have a real shop, you should choose the online store.

- “What should you chose an ambitious site or a business card one?”

The low cost of business card site is very attractive for aspiring entrepreneurs. They usually don’t want to invest on internet channels before getting the first success of newly company.

In terms of economy ordering the business card site is really good. It’s very tempting to get qualitatively implemented web resource only for 5-7 thousands of rubles. Practically you’ll face the first complications immediately after disposing the business card site on the internet. Among them is limitation of promotion methods. An attendance and a position of resource issue in searching systems depend on it. As a rule, only a contextual advertising is available, but it’s really expensive.  As a result the economy in the first place turns into regular and large investments in the promotion. Moreover very often it’s impossible to remodel the business card site to the online store or the corporative site. So you will suffer losses of an ordering a site from the scratch. 

That’s why from the point of view of a relatively inexpensive promotion and scalability we recommend to you ordering the corporative site or the online store on the spot.

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."