Photo is not just a simple image, it is the reproduction of the mood, someone posture or interior.  It is like a masterpiece in small.  «KubanoIT» photo studio in Krasnodar realizes a professional camera work of the interiors, portrait and boudoir shooting.

You are looking for the reason to invite a girl to hotel?

Do you want to do a private photo shooting, but you are not ready to catch sights of the third persons?

Do you want to try on the role of the professional photographer without paying any cent?

Than our offer is for you!

We are renting the small photo studio in the hotel room.

The price includes:

1. A rent payment for the photo studio, tints, professional light sources, also you can rent a professional camera.

You can see all photos on the monitor on a real time basis. You can leave all photos for the further processing or make an order for the professional processing.  

Maybe you need someone with basic knowledge of the reflex camera; all equipment can be adjusted and synchronized.

2. The hotel room includes: shower unit, couch, TV, wall split air conditioner, refrigerator, a computer with internet connect, Wi-Fi.

Bedclothing (you can bring your own), photographer services have to be paid separately.

3. The real hayloft! Now your dream about the true love in a hayloft can materialize!  

Make a photo using an extraordinary décor!

The minimum time for the photo studio rent is 4 hours, the price is 75$. The rent of the photo studio for the night is 100$ (from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.).

For the follow-on offering you ask for the additional hotel room – 45$ per 24 hours or 10$ per hour.

Who would think, but the simple photo has wonderful features. This image can show our different emotional feelings: from delight and desire to anger and fear. Surely, we have in mind the work of the professional photographer.  The very few can impress with the quality and beautiful photo even made on the phone. Only in photo studio in Krasnodar the real masterpieces are created.

KubanoIT studio provides its services in creation of unique and highly artistic photos and photosets. Offer services include: portrait camera work, interior and boudoir shooting. Nevertheless everybody talks about the equipment importance; high experienced photographer means 80% of the success in creation of the proficient picture. Well equipped proficient expert can make all necessary adjustments: to set the lights, to match the background or emphasize the most significant and important details.

Something about the services, that photo studio in Krasnodar can offer you.

Portrait shooting is the unique branch of the art. Every detail has its own role, everything is important: photographers’ and your mood, luscious music and the weather outdoors. Very often a good joke can arouse positive emotions and makes the emergence of the photos with cheerful and beautiful people.

Фотостудия в Краснодаре

The interior shooting has its peculiarities. The correct choice of camera angles and perspective, the regular layout of the stresses and light, every detail can influence the image quality.  KubanoIT professionals perform the shooting using both artificial and natural light. The last needs an outstanding professionalism and acquaintance with all rules connected with photo. 

And the last is the boudoir shooting. It is the kingdom of the femininity and coquetry.  The key principle of such shooting is to show your womanhood and affection, without switching to the level of the banality and erotic. This type of shooting can be carried indoors or within natural settings. After all a woman is a most important.  

KubanoIT photo studio in Krasodar suggests the services of the photo processing.  In this process are engaged the software programs and art retouch. Also the studio offers fitting of the photos for personal use, printing in magazines or the for the location on the websites. The crucial aim is to highlight true beauty and magnificence.  

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