Company website starting with 500$.


"The king of the websites". All owners of the nowadays medium-sized and big successful business already know about this loud statement. A corporate website is a universal and the most powerful tool for the advertizing and organizational tasks of the company, you can solve by internet. If you are interested in the possibilities of the resource, the owners of the top companies are respectfully talking about, than our KubanoiT studio is ready to tell much about benefits of corporate website.

- "Few reasons you need to have the corporate website"

If you set sights on the business development at the first stage of your company activity or as far as you gain some experience, you realize the amount of everyday tasks you can arrange with web resource and give more time to white collars, than exactly you need to order the corporate website:

  • adequate and easily refillable company portfolio;
  • a computerized communication with clients/partners/suppliers and  an automatization of everyday company processes;
  • a powerful advertisement channel without any limits in dimensions and promotion methods; 
  • fully-featured representation of the company in the online world, from the unique style to the recognizable design;
  • an image-building instrument, that doesn’t need huge money for its support.

Below you can choose the template for the company website or overview the structure and color range you like, to place the order for website design on its base. 

This is only one part of the tasks the proper developed, structured and formatted corporate website can solve. Our web studio confidently recommends you to use all advantages of your website, as soon as you realize the investment benefit  of your business internet development . 

- "Of what our corporate website consist?"

A nowadays corporate website is the resource on the base of WEB 2.0, which includes the most functional, useful and attractive technologies of web design and site development:  :

1) the design, you are dreaming about;

2) the animation of any page;

3) the unique style and logo;

4) convenient for refill and usage photo galleries;

5) the feedback form,  sorting all questions in different e-mails; 

6) technical instruments for locating news and its posting among the registered users ( RSS, e-mail);

7) the opportunity individually deal with the content by virtue of CMS without any help of our employers;

8) the Yandex map with the office location scheme; 

9) the arrangement of SEO optimization in your region.

If you want, we add the other functions, just show us the internet examples you really like! 

Look in our portfolio to find what corporate websites of our ‘manufacturing’ make profit for their owners. Every project has its own detailed description. 

- "How many costs the design of the corporate website and what factors influence the final price?"

In KubanoiT studio the corporate website design price starts with 500$ to 1250$. The factors that influence the price are: a design complexity, difficulties in site architecture, a number of additional functions that are not included in the basic set, also very important are the terms you want to get your project ready.

If you want to start a brainwork and updating of your corporative website both with our specialist, than you will find ourt what means professionalism, the art to listen the client, the work with feeling and the rigid control of the product quality during all stages of the development.    

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."