Website on a turn-key basis starting with 750$ 

When web professionals promise to accomplish all necessary work from the beginning to the end and, as a bonus, guarantee to teach you, how to work with the quality product, than it is impossible to persist the desire to have ones own website. The main task is to define the resource type which helps you to solve all questions and then place an order for a “website on a turn-key basis” service.   


Below you can choose the template for the future website or overview the structure and color range you like, to place the order for unique design on its base. 


- "What types of the websites on a turn-key basis KubanoiT web studio designs?"

Before the start of the cooperation with us, you can choose among the popular websites types your website - the one. To help you with your choice, we suggest you to give the consideration to every of them apart, depending on the benefits it can give in different life circumstances.  

  • You want to sell goods and services but the thought about the expensive rent of the new trading platform discourages you at all. 
  • It becomes clear that advertising blotters and running letters on TV consume lot of money and new client base for some reasons is not increased.
  • It takes too much time for the monitoring of the quality demand, salesman operating quality and working out the moments for actions/discounts/sell-outs start-up.
  • In your head appeared an idea to take a crack at the commerce, but you have no means to start the trading platform.  

Upon the availability of all these problems, it is more advantageous for you to place the order for the online store. With its help it is very easy to monitor your production catalogue, arrange special offers, keep the demand and successfully compete with the other commercial establishments.


  • Your personnel complain that it makes problem for them to coordinate the paperwork within the company and want to combine their efforts in one system.
  • Your clients and partners every time ask you: “When we can touch you by internet?”
  • The company has a lack of advertising channels and the client base have to be enhanced.
  • It has emerged that it is better to announce online about promotions, exhibitions and the other actions, as the target audience spend a lot of time in the internet. 
  • In relation to ones own company it is better to have everything “al-in-one”: the individual style, the prompt cooperation clients and suppliers, the recognizable representation, the victory over competitors in your area, the enhancement of the client base, the respectable image within all possible channels. 

In such situations we recommend you to place the order for corporate website. It is powerful and effective tool for your  business development in the online world, which helps you to solve you dozens of tasks. 


  • In the nearest future you have to organize a one time arrangement or sell the terminated lot of goods and the wide audience has to be notified.
  • Your company is very young and the range of activities (accordingly the available budget) is restrained.
  • Few marketing texts and a dozen of photos are quite enough for the goods or services advertisement.
  • In the priority list such points as the unique design, individual style, eye-catching animation and the other decorative image-building components take the last place. 


In this case the best variant for you is to order the business card website.  Such project won’t do harm to your budget and perfectly manage with its few tasks.   

- "What does iclude the package "website on a turn-key package?"

The standard set of our services, which demands the design of every webite plus fully-featured SEO optimization and TOP promotion in Yandex and Google.  


KubanoiT web studio  underlines that to order the website on a turn-key package is always more faster and gainful than to order all services from this package separately! 

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."