Business card website with a location map, photogallery and feedback starting with 250 USD.

The greatest dream of the vast majority of the little company owners and specialists, who work for themselves, is to have a tiny office in the internet, which avoid the need to invest big money for its development and promotion. To get such a frugal but very useful resource is quite real. Everything you have to do is to place the order for business card website in reputable web studio and don’t forget to update the information on you resource.

If you are really interested in such type of the internet resource and even try to fit the business card website template on your business, than surely you want to know the additional advantages of it to promote the development of your business.    

- "What does the business card website do?"

  • helps the potential clients get in touch with you promptly by virtue of available contact information;
  • is a low budget commercial channel that gives much more benefit than advertising blotters and posters;
  • gives you an opportunity to place on your website page few proficient purchasable texts about your goods/services and to introduce your company in good light by at a cheap rate;
  • gives you a chance to save your money if your company is very young and you don’t have enough means and experience to calculate and order a full sized website with all stuff that successful companies have: corporate style, recognizable design, necessary functions, etc.

In brief, if your main task is to introduce to clients and partners the occupation of your company, rouse their curiosity to the goods or services and invite to the office/store/company/onetime exhibition, nothing goes better and cheaper than business card website. 

- "Аnd what is the price of the business card website? Why is the price so low?"

In KubanoiT web studio the price for discussion, design and launching the business card website starts with 250$. For this money you’ll become an owner of connected with each other HTML pages, created on the model of WEB 1.0. it means, there will be no wowable animation, individual design, sophisticated menu and the bulk of other attributes. 

Any way, cheap and properly done by our team  business card website gets a range of drawbacks


  • template design;
  • no access to the content;
  • no feedback form (аnd this means most convenient tool for communication with visitors is absent);
  • no unique style, it means the absence of the primary vehicle, which helps to recognize your website among the dozens of competitors.

There is one more nasty little minus of such cheap and pressed the business card website – an unprofitable promotion in search systems, which is explained by a specific website architecture. This disadvantage will upset you in the nearest future and makes you reorder a large-scale project from scratch, which brings to additional costs. The most effective promotion method of business card website that is available for the owner and our promotion specialists is contextual advertising, that prove a stumbling block and eventually brakes the earning growth.

You can order the business card website in case you need immediate advertisement for your company (for example in the context of the short time sales promotion, sell-out, etc.) or singular arrangement without long-run expectation.  Certainly, the final product will qualitatively execute its scope of work, doesn’t disturb you with technical bugs and the price will make you happy. KubanoiT studio seriously comes up to every order and listen to every customer preference. 

If you are dreaming about the real business development (I’m sure, you do), we can suggest you slightly more expensive variants of the websites, but in return more powerful and global.  

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."