Online store starting with 500$.

E-commerce activity is the best tool for the vast majority of the store owners and persons, who want to possess the online ground for products realization. Indeed what can easier than the light business and products delivery right from the warehouse without the expensive rent and thoughts regarding the theme “how to increase the number of clients”? Online store is the resource that can become the start of the commerce activity or the next step in the development of the working company. If you decided to use your chance, KubаnoIT web studio is ready to help you within a reasonable time frame!

Below you can choose the template for the future online store or overview the structure and color range you like, to place the order for unique design on its base.

- "What are the advantages of the online store?"

All work aspects of such website are directed on the profit accumulation. They include the design recognition and functional elements comfort. In summary:  

  • You will have an opportunity to fill and edit catalogues with goods and services, at that moment marketable goods will be always spiffed up in the shop window, without any continuous efforts to support this mode.
  • You breathe easily when you will calculate your savings on employers and the rent of premises and their handling. All you will need for the receiving constant profit from online store is technical support and SEO optimization specialist.
  • You will have an opportunity to inspect the goods movement,  study marketing research and make the decisions sitting in your favorite chair.
  • You will find out the full set of everyday processes is packed in your online store: a goods export, an accountant department, online shopping, etc. There and then all these processes will be under your control constantly.
  • You will understand that without great efforts, you defy competition with major trade companies and unwittingly enhance your client base with little effort. Everything you have to do is to use the SEO promotion regularly and to refill your catalogue in time.

To cut it short, if you want to tack a crack at a commerce sphere or you need to develop your online store, but you don’t have any desire to invest the money in the expensive advertisement, then you need to come to   Kubanoit web studio and to order the online store design!


- Of what consists the online store and what will be the price for its design?""

The online store content essentially depends on the clients business and his requests (category number, design, website size). In our basic package we include:

1) CMS (content management system);

2) the client area (so-called "shopping carts", contacts,account numbers) and the administrator area;

3) the purchase data and the other marketing metrics;

4) support services (training and video instructions,  basic SEO optimization for your region).

Rendering of the design, logo, individual style and sophisticated website architecture deserves an individual attention.

The price for online store design starts with 250$. You can look into our portfolio and get acquainted with working website samples, their SEO optimization and technical support.


The design, realization and adjusting of the online store is very difficult process, that’s why KubanoiT web studio recommends you to settle your nerves and never try to design such website alone. Our professional team makes this job in times quicker and can guarantee the absence of SEO promotion problems in the future.    

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."