The main goal is to reach only these people, who are interested in your products or services. It is the most simple and genius idea, about which many businessmen don’t know. The contextual advertising is something completely different than animation banners or teasers, which distract from the web pages overview and make the reverse incentive effect. To get the tactile benefit, it is important to form the contextual advertising campaign. In this area KubanoiT studio team is the high-caliber professionals.    

- "Who needs the contextual advertising, who can see it and where to find it?"

The main task the contextual advertising can do is to enhance the quantity of your website visitors, who exactly know, what they are looking for. Statistically you can reach the best results with the websites of the big and middle companies, which arrange the short –time actions and wait for the peak response from the internet users. In such cases the sale uplift is guaranteed.   

Also the contextual advertising allows effectively respond to the action changes of the competitor companies and to create the flow exclusively sound traffic.

The contextual advertising is available only for the users who intentionally look for websites with selected products or services. The link to your company will be on top in Google and Yandex search results. 

- "Is it possible to adjust the contextual advertising?"

Our web studio specialists deal with these particular issues:

  • The individual selection of relevant and interesting keywords for the contextual link;
  • Adjusting by the time of the day (for example, if your office or trading outlet are ready to accept the visitors from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., we certainly take into account this fact);
  • Adjusting by regions (you will get the opportunity to demonstrate your services to users from concrete cities and regions);
  • Matching the campaign period taking into account the planned budget;
  • Tracking the efficiency of the contextual advertising within the campaign and the detailed report drafting.

- "What is the price for campaign with contextual advertising?"

The price of the done work crucially depends on your activity specific and the type of your website. We suggest you to order the approximate budget calculation by phone, to know what will be the rough price. Here is the phone number:   +7-961-509-80-89.. 

- "What websites in Krasnodar already have used KubanoiT  contextual advertising?"

Please, follow the list of the resources, which the contextual advertising promotion helped to rank high in search engines – such as Google and Yandex: 

- "What are the benefits of the contextual advertising against the other tools of the website promotion"

  • On-the-flystart. The first users start to visit the website right after a few minutes the campaign going. You can forget about the week-long expectation and snail’s pace with the unpredicted result!
  • Payment for the result. We take the payment only for the linking to your website and it doesn’t depend on the campaign terms.    
  • Flexibility and alterability. You can bring any changes in contextual advertising anytime. 

Our duty is to catch the users during their searching process for the interested products and to save you from impressing one and all. It is our task we manage to do proper regardless its complexity!

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."