The businessmen and bloggers want their websites experience refreshing hikes in website traffic, as it will enhance the client base and eventually the profit.

Web studios are proud with their achievements and refill their portfolios, if they managed to get this goal in terms of entrusted projects.

It is easy for search engines to elevate the accurately done resources and to eliminate the SS, and for users, which search for goods and services, is more comfortable to link quickly to correct and useful resources.  

So, the website optimization brings benefit to everyone, who for some reason or other goes online.  However, before you decide to entrust your website to reputable specialist for optimization and pay for this money, please study all pro and cons. Take into account questions: why all web studios offer this service so aggressively and if the benefit of this service corresponds to the asked price.


- "What means the website optimization and how it is connected with the real profit?"

If your plans are the profit receiving and locating of your website ahead the online competition, than the position of the website in search results will define the success of your goal.  

It means:

1. The quantity of the interested visitors on your website depends on the rankings of your resource in search results along some request.  

2. The website user count enlargement means the inevitable clients increase, which purchased the represented product or service.  

3. The popularity rise of the resource among the users means the profit growth due to the advertising located on the web pages.

So, if you want your website becomes popular, it has to be at most friendly for users and search engines.


- "What the optimization specialist makes ?"

KubanoiT studio accomplish internal and external website optimization, so called full job range.

Within the external optimization is involved the building of useful links to your website, the next steps are performed:

  • Manual registration in search system catalogues
  • Acquisition of the inbound links from the reputable resources.


Into internal optimization (user comfort) we enclose:

  • Creation of the semantic kernel (keywords definition)
  • Specific adjusting of HTML code for the pages and correct tagging
  • Internal link building
  • Writing and locating the optimized content

and so on.


- "If it is possible to optimize the website alone?"

The main reason to contact the web studio and avoid the improving your website with one’s own hands is the details bulk, which need constant fitting after your website was changed. The second issue is the balance between keywords of the different frequency (creation of the semantic kernel), on which depends your website position in search systems results. The proper creation of the semantic kernel is possible only when the great experience in this area is attained.

So, the conclusions are the next: proper done primary optimization of the website and in time undertaken before optimization processes means the guarantee your website will top Google and Yandex results, what leads to the snowballing growth of the profit.  On condition that you will collaborate with the famous web studio, the profit from your website will encase the expenditures for its optimization in the nearest future! 

The most exact was Bill Gates - "If your business is absent in internet than your are absent is business."